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New Construction

To have your wires located you can call one of these local electricians:
  • Geary Electric, Viola: 639-0131
  • Gray Electric, Mauston/Tomah: 608-847-6209/608-372-4433
  • Leatherberry Electric, Elroy: 608-462-8677
To have Vernon Electric's wires located - Dial 811


Construction Costs for Vernon Electric Cooperative

Note: Use these costs as a guide for line extension and service agreement, actual cost may vary.

For additional information contact Laurie at

Service Installation Fee     $500
Metering Equipment Single Phase 200 amp or less pedestal $410
  Single Phase Over 200 amp socket/CT Actual Cost
  Three Phase   Actual Cost
Transformer Equipment Single Phase   $300
  Three Phase   $600

When a second meter pedestal is installed and connected to an existing transformer for a shared well or electric heat at the same time as the electric service is installed, the installation fee for the second pedestal will be waived.

Pole/Transformer/Junction Box cut into existing line

Single Phase $1,000
Three Phase $1,500

Primary Line (from nearest distribution power line to your transformer)

Single Phase Overhead First 500 feet $7.00/ft.
    >500 feet $4.00/ft.
  Underground First 500 feet $8.00/ft.
    501-1,000 feet $4.00/ft.
    >1,000 feet $3.00/ft.
    Road bore $10.00/ft.
Three Phase   Actual Cost  

May be additional charges for clearing or purchasing right-of-way, cost for road crossing, installation in frozen ground or rocks and/or any required easements.

Secondary Service (wiring from the transformer to the meter up through 4/0 triplex)

Single Phase Overhead $6.00/ft.
  Underground $8.00/ft.
Three Phase Cost of labor and conductor Actual Cost
Temporary Service (connect member-owned metering equipment)   $400
Single Phase Transformer Labor Only   $300
Three Phase Transformer Labor Only Overhead Actual Cost
  Underground Pad Mount Actual Cost

Yard Light - Standard

Unmetered $9.25/mo.
Metered $6.50/mo.

Construction Notes

  • The cooperative will attempt to accommodate requests of the member, however; the decision as to the type of construction (overhead or underground, single phase or multi-phase) and the location of any facilities shall be at the discretion of the cooperative.
  • The member will provide suitable locations for the installation of the cooperatives facilities on or immediately adjacent to the property to be served.  The location shall provide reasonable means to deliver power and remain readily accessible to Vernon Electric Cooperative crews.
  • The meter will generally be located on the members load center, meter pole, or meter pedestal and will be located near the transformer or lot line.  The only meters allowed on a building are sub-meters, and electric service meters in subdivisions where prior arrangements have been made with the developer.    
  • The member will be responsible for the cable from the meter to the building, the cost of breaker(s), service disconnect, and any additional equipment required to comply with the National or State Electrical Code and/or Vernon Electric Cooperative policy.
  • All underground and overhead services require a properly installed service disconnect immediately after the meter.  When the meter socket is mounted on the building, the service disconnect must be located within 8 feet of the point where the conductors enter the building.
  • All distribution facilities, both primary and secondary up to the meter socket will be provided by Vernon Electric Cooperative and remain the property of the cooperative.  Metering equipment located on a building or load center and meter pedestals will be provided by the member (Exception:  VEC will provide and install meter pedestals or meter poles based on the cost in Construction Costs Schedule above) and remain the property of the member and/or owner. 
  • When a service has been disconnected at the request of the member, the electric service equipment furnished, installed, owned, operated, and maintained by Vernon Electric Cooperative on the property of the member shall remain the property of the cooperative and may be removed upon request of the member or at the discretion of the cooperative.
  • An approved switch is required for standby generators.
  • Added costs may be incurred if crews have to excavate in frozen ground or run into unforseen circumstances, such as rock.
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