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You have a choice for the future...and it’s green

We use more energy today than our parents did. And, our children will likely use more than we do, creating a greater demand for affordable, dependable and clean energy. Despite these demands, it’s possible that our children and grandchildren can enjoy a cleaner, greener world. It all depends on the choices we make today.

One choice we can make is to participate in the EvergreenSM program. This program offered by Vernon Electric Cooperative and others in the Dairyland Power system lets you invest in harnessing an energy source that’s abundant and completely renewable—wind, sun, and biomass.

Vernon Electric Cooperative, in partnership with other electric co-ops in the region, constructed a new wind farm in the Fall 1998. More wind generators were added in the fall of 2003. In 2005 landfill gas and manure methane digesters were added to the mix. New renewable resources continue to come on-line, including solar and other types of biomass. The more members that sign up throughout the region, the larger the wind farm, solar and biomass projects will be. The first wind farm was targeted to initially serve about 2,000 families, however these co-ops have the option to expand these projects based on the number of member commitments.

Each family that chooses to participate in the program is committing to purchase at least one 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) block of electricity from renewable sources. That’s about one-tenth of the electricity used per month by the average household. Of course, you can choose to purchase more. Each 100 kWh block will cost $1.00 per month more than electricity generated by our traditional cost-efficient methods.

Although renewable energy sources cost more than traditional forms of energy, the benefits are priceless. You can encourage the development of renewable energy sources by participating in this program. The EvergreenSM program can make a difference. The choice is yours.

EvergreenSM is being offered to members of the 24 distribution cooperatives in the Dairyland Power system. To participate in this program, fill out the Evergreen Signup Form and send it in or contact Vernon Electric Cooperative today.

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