Directors, Staff & Service Area


Name Position E-mail
Joe McDonald CEO & General Manager
Nicole Simonson                  Admin Assistant/Human Resources
Craig Buros Engineering & Operations Dir.
Karla Yanske Office Services Dir.
Dave Maxwell Marketing & Communications Dir.

Board of Directors

Bernadine Hornby, President - Representing Division III, Towns of Jefferson (Vernon), Sterling, and Franklin

Richard Nemec, Vice-President - Representing Division VIII, Towns of Wellington, Glendale, Forest, Union, and Bloom

David Dregne, Secretary - Representing Division X, the Village of Readstown

David Olson, Treasurer - Representing Division II, Towns of Harmony, Genoa, and Wheatland

Jerry Kramer - Representing Division I, Towns of Medary, Shelby, Bergen, and Hamburg

Orlan Bakkum - Representing Divison IV, Towns of Coon, Christiana, and Viroqua

Daniel Korn - Representing Division V, Towns of Leon, Wells, Greenfield, Washington, and Portland

Dennis Kelbel - Representing Division VI, Towns of Jefferson (Monroe), Sheldon, Clinton, and Whitestown

Ole Yttri - Representing Division VII, Towns of Webster, Stark, Liberty, Forest, and Kickapoo

James Goodman - Representing Division IX, Towns of Hillsboro, Wonewoc, Greenwood, Woodland, La Valle, Henrietta, Westford and Ironton


Nomination Procedures and Board of Director Duties

    A ten-member board of directors conducts the business affairs of the cooperative.  One director is elected from each of the ten geographic divisions that comprise the Vernon Electric Co-op service territory.  Directors are elected to serve for three-year terms.  The terms are staggered so that their terms do not expire all at once.  The initial process of selecting director candidates starts with the members in each director district.  The top four vote recipients from each of the ten districts become delegates to the District Committee Conference.

    The district committee delegates at the Annual District Committee Conference select director candidates.  The bylaws require the nomination of two candidates from each district for which there is an election.  A petition of fifteen (15) or more members can also select candidates.  An informal mail ballot elects directors.  The results of the informal mail ballots are presented at the Annual Meeting where the members approve them.

Director criteria of a board member includes:

  • Be an independent thinker, but a cooperator.
  • Be capable of acquiring the knowledge necessary to cope with the issues of a modern electric utility, including finances, management and public issues.
  • Possess the character and demeanor that will reflect favorably on behalf of the cooperative.
  • Have the willingness to listen and learn.
  • Be of sufficient stature to command the respect of management, employees, fellow board members and the public.
  • Be willing to commit adequate time to the work of the board to be an effective member and properly discharge the duties of the board.
  • Subordinate personal and other business interests to the needs of the cooperative when making a decision.
  •  Be willing to accept the unpleasant moments of a director's experience. 
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